We just had to make this about us.

Erin Dewey Lennox and Emily Maya Mills are a Los Angeles-based writing team. They started working together when they realized they were the only standup comics they’d ever met who were also stepmoms. Crazy, since both are so easy and rewarding.

They quickly discovered a common interest in stories about alienation and belonging, feeling caught between worlds. Partly because that’s what a step-parent is: you go from living alone, where no one cares if live or die, to coexisting in a system where several people actively want you dead. And you can’t walk around naked in your own home anymore.

Erin is from Chapel Hill, NC and most recently a writer on Game On (CBS) starring Keegan Michael Key, Gronk, and Venus Williams. An avid sports fan, she’s written shows for Von Miller (Facebook Watch) and Cam Newton (Nickelodeon) and once tore her ACL playing intramural basketball too aggressively. She also does a lot of freelance advertising work which her mother calls her “real job.” 

Emily is a working actor entering her final semester at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts where she’s earning an MFA in Directing. She was born and raised in San Francisco and is an alumnus of several UCB Maude teams. She’s been on Key and Peele, Orange is the New Black, and cried a lot opposite Kathy Bates on Harry’s Law. More recently, you may have seen her getting orgasmic over potato chips in a Cape Cod commercial.

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